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Posted by on May 11, 2016 in Dentistry | Comments Off on THE IMPORTANCE OF GOOD ORAL HYGIENE

We all know that our bodies are sensitive machines and that it takes only a small glitch in the system to bring “everything down”. Of course, there are ways to make us stronger and more immune to illnesses and injuries, but it is important to make these activities a matter of constant habit and to never stop working on our health. One such example is the activity of preserving good oral hygiene, and if we perform this step right – our entire body will feel the benefits of our actions. Not only that, our overall life will change, simply because a healthy body is the home of a healthy mind and this has many effects in our lives in general.

    Oral_Hygiene-1Since our teeth and our mouth are “windows” to the rest of our body and they can demonstrate the status of our other organs, doctors often use saliva from our mouth to inspect our entire health status. Many diseases show their symptoms on our gums and our teeth, and we can see early signs of many health conditions if we just take a closer look at our oral cavity. Besides the “health aspect”, our teeth are important in the eating process since they are the first stop for our food, and they do most of the “work” when it comes to cutting and grinding our food. Also, our mouth enables us to breathe and to speak, and all of these functions clearly show the importance of good oral hygiene.teach-practice-good-oral-hygiene-800X800

To be more precise, good oral hygiene can eliminate bad breath, prevent tooth decay and gum disease, and it can also greatly reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, etc. Harmful bacteria can be found in our mouth, and if our oral hygiene is bad – those bacteria can quickly spread and cause serious problems for some other organs in our body. Therefore, it is extremely important to prevent those conditions and to heal ourselves before it’s too late, and oral hygiene is a very effective and simple way of making us healthy and happy.

    dental-hygieneSince oral hygiene does not demand too much of our time, dentists recommend that we brush our teeth at least twice a day and that we floss once per day. However, it is important to perform these activities on a regular basis and to use proper brushing/flossing technique, simply because the wrong technique can sometimes cause more harm than good. Every dentist can show you how to do everything right, and it is also important to make regular visits to the dentist’s office, where your oral cavity can be inspected and healed if necessary. Oral hygiene will reduce your expenses when it comes to teeth reparation and appearance, and it can also mean that no surgery or similar procedure will be needed. Besides brushing and going to the dentist, it is imperative that we have a balanced diet, which means that we eat different kinds of food so that our body can receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

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